Lifting of heavy cargoes

Paul Boughton
BigLift Shipping specialises in the worldwide ocean transportation of heavy lift and project cargoes. The company was founded in 1973. All manner of oversized and heavy cargoes have since been moved over the world.

The BigLift fleet comprises nine heavy lift vessels equipped with their own heavy lift gear. Capacities range from 450 to 1400mt, and some have ro-ro capability for loads up to 2500mt. From the second half of this year, seven new vessels will join the fleet whereby the maximum lifting capacity will increase to 1800mt.

Staff in the office and on board the vessels have many years of experience in handling all kinds of heavy lifts and project cargoes. Careful planning, engineering, coordination and supervision to ensure safe transportation, are all a matter of course.

As most heavy lift cargoes are quite unique, they require meticulous planning and coordination right down to the smallest detail. All data on cargo, locations of loading and of discharging are studied in the preparation phase, often even before a contract is actually booked.

Many projects demand detailed operation manuals which must be approved by clients and warranty surveyors. Stowage and lifting plans are all prepared with its 2D and 3D CAD systems, whereas complicated lifting situations can be simulated step by step.

Shipments include cargoes for the oil and the petrochemical industry, often long or very heavy items, offshore equipment such as topside modules, turrets, reels, and buoys, generators, transformer and windmills for the power industry and also port equipment, such as cranes, container cranes and transtainers. Cargoes can be rolling stock, such as draglines, trains or locomotives or floating equipment such as ferries and yachts. Also complete plants are loaded in modular form and taken to sometimes rather uninhabitable places in the world.

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BigLift Shipping BV is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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