Improving interoperability and productivity

Paul Boughton

Autodesk has unveiled a family of software suites for visual, factory and plant design. The company says these new suites offer increased functionality and interoperability, providing users with a superior experience through a simpler, more cost-effective purchasing and deployment process.
Carl Bass, Autodesk president and chief executive officer, comments: “The design suites make it much easier for Autodesk customers to accelerate their design processes and benefit from the wide range of Autodesk design, visualisation and simulation technologies. Customers will also benefit from increased interoperability and productivity through access to new features and web services that will only be available as part of the design suite family.”
The suites for visual, plant and factory design are the first releases of the new family of design suites aimed at addressing industry workflows. The design suites will provide strong interoperability between the products, and a range of capabilities for design and visualisation. The first three suites are:
* Autodesk Design Suite is for architects and designers working with AutoCAD software who desire enhanced concept design, sketching and 3D visualisation capabilities. The primary products in this suite include Autocad, 3ds Max Design and Alias Design.
* Autodesk Factory Design Suite is for machine and equipment builders, system integrators and manufacturers who design, visualise and simulate layouts of machine lines and entire manufacturing facilities. Autodesk Factory Design Suite helps manufacturers make better layout decisions by creating a digital prototype of the factory before equipment is installed and commissioned. The primary products in this suite include Autocad Architecture, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Vault and Autodesk Navisworks.
* Autodesk Plant Design Suite is for plant designers and engineers who need integrated plant design and whole-project review capabilities for plant design projects. The primary products in this suite are Autocad, Autocad P&ID, Autocad Plant 3D and Autodesk Navisworks.
Each suite will be available in several editions, with each offering progressively broader and more sophisticated capabilities.
The Autodesk Design Suite and the Autodesk Factory Design Suite are now available in select countries in North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America. The Autodesk Plant Design Suite will be available in July 2010.
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