Vision sensors' new functions boost operation and use

Paul Boughton
Baumer's new Verisens vision sensors are claimed to meet today's requirements fast startups, minimal machine downtime and stable operation of machinery, with newly added 'Backup and Restore' and 'User and Password' functions, and stable image evaluation by Baumer’s proven FEX image processor.
With the new 'Backup and Restore' function, users can now archive the device software with parameterisation settings, duplicate it on other devices and quickly restore it after servicing. Since these capabilities are available both in the PC software and as commands via the Ethernet interface, they can be easily integrated into the machine control.
Reliable, steady system operation is supported by three user levels in the new 'User and Password' function; this ensures controlled, reliable machine startups, servicing and operation. Unintentional operating errors and changes of device settings are consequently eliminated.
Better analysis of rejected parts is another improvement. Up to 32 error images can now be stored to enable faulty parts to be analysed, followed by offline evaluation via the PC software. Process optimisation is therefore achieved with minimal machine downtimes.
Verisens vision sensors combine extremely simple operability with maximum performance and process reliability. The newly added functions ensure dependable, economic industrial use.
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