Flexible compact spiral hose has 'notably long service life'

Paul Boughton
Parker Hannifin, a global leader in motion and control technologies, has launched an innovative flexible compact spiral hose that it says provides a notably long service life, meeting twice the required number of test cycles, for use in both stationary and mobile industrial machinery in a wide range of applications, including construction, defence, oil and gas.

Offering 5,000 and 6,000 psi hose performance in a compact design, the new Compact Spiral delivers improvement in productivity for OEMs and end users alike with greater routing, installation, durability, size and weight advantages over conventional SAE spiral hoses, allowing significant material, shipping and inventory cost savings to be realised.
Representing the biggest breakthrough in hose technology since Parker’s No-Skive concept, the Compact Spiral offers many new features without any compromise to hose life. Indeed, the new hoses can achieve two million impulse cycles – two times the ISO 18752-DC standard and four times the SAE requirement. This translates to a significantly longer service life in nearly all applications, particularly in those where many repeat cycles occur within a short timeframe, such as in injection moulding machines. 
The new Compact Spiral also offers a number of other important benefits, including greater flexibility, smaller outside diameter and a tighter bend radius thanks to a high performance inner tube that makes it possible to refine, redesign and significantly reduce overall hose construction. For example, the hose has half the bend radius and a 30 per cent smaller diameter than conventional SAE spiral hoses. It also requires one third less effort to bend, meaning that bends can begin sooner and reduces the total amount of hose needed by 20 – 55 per cent depending on the application.
Compact Spiral is easier to route and install, saving valuable time and effort, and more hose can be routed into tight quarters where larger diameter, less flexible hoses simply would not fit. Customers can also jump up to a larger hose size to achieve better flow characteristics for their hydraulic systems while maintaining an outside diameter similar to the smaller hose that was previously installed, for instance the outside diameter of a -12 size Compact Spiral equates to the diameter of a -10 size comparable SAE hose.
Furthermore, the new hose weighs up to 26 per cent less than standard spiral hoses. Combined with the increased ease of handling, this weight reduction leads to significant fuel savings for equipment with many hydraulic hoses, such as car carriers and refuse trucks. Additionally, shipping and packaging costs are also reduced.
For more information, visit www.parker.com

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