‘Go Anywhere Conveyor' conveyor for industrial materials handling

Paul Boughton
A bucket elevator that moves material in three different directions for optimum flexibility in planning a material handling system within a production facility is available from Gough Econ.

Gough Econ is a manufacturer of bulk material handling solutions with an extensive range of bucket elevators for sanitary to tough applications in industries ranging from food to heavy-duty industrial. Gough Econ markets its products and systems in Europe, Asia, Australia and other areas of the world.

The multi-axis Gough Elecon bucket conveyor and elevator system from Gough Econ is is suitable for applications requiring gentle handling and industrial applications such as delivering blanks to stamping presses at The Royal Australian Mint in Canberra, Australia.

Known as the ‘Go Anywhere Conveyor,’ the Gough Elecon conveyor uses cantilevered buckets that move vertically, horizontally and can turn any direction up to 90 degrees without having to transfer the load being conveyed, making it one of the most flexible systems of its kind in the world. This unique feature lets users fit the conveyor within their production facility instead of modifying their facility to accommodate the material handling system. 

The multi-axis capability of the Gough Elecon is the result of its patented chain design and the cantilevered wedged shaped buckets that come together and overlap at the load station. The patented rack and pinion system assures full discharge with a 360 degree bucket rotation on selection and quick return to the upright position for maximum flexibility.

Industrial applications range from handling catalyst to chemicals, fertiliser, metal powders, carbon black, battery powders, coal, sand and coin blanks.

Buckets for the Gough Elecon are made of polypropylene and have a smooth interior surface to eliminate any product trap areas and help provide maximum cleanliness.

Four different bucket configurations are available: Standard, Mid-Size, the specialist Pasta bucket, and the Max-Elecon.  The bucket configuration required depends on the throughput and the type of product being conveyed. The Elecon family of buckets has a capacity from 3,638 cm3 up to 0.0424 cu metres for the Max Elecon. 

The Gough Elecon consists of a heavy-duty proprietary tri-planar chain, a tubular track, and a vertical drive plate for power transfer and chain tension. The chain is constructed of investment cast Piad alloy links, forged cruciforms and sealed roller bearings.

The chains are assembled individually at the Gough Econ manufacturing facility to meet precise specifications and to assure high reliability and durability. The chain’s wash through design meets food sanitation requirements.

The tubular track is made of stainless steel and is housed in track plates for easy and smooth gliding of the chain without wear. Plates and tracks are completely interchangeable for easy maintenance.

An optional wheel-turn design instead of a static track can be incorporated at certain points increasing the life of the chain by transferring loads to these wheels.

Multiple cover panel options are available to meet specific needs.  Made of folded steel, the panels can be enclosed with steel or Lexan panels or they can be left open with the tubes exposed. Open construction allows for easier cleaning and maintenance whereas the two enclosed cases are appropriate for safety applications or to maintain a controlled environment.

For more information, visit www.goughecon.com

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