Profile fixture suitable for viewing changes in reflow ovens

Paul Boughton
KIC International Sales Inc's distributor Multi Components GmbH will highlight its MVP profile fixture in Hall 7, Stand 320 at the upcoming SMT/Hybrid/Packaging Exhibition, scheduled to take place June 8-10, 2010 in Nuremberg, Germany.

The MVP profile fixture is suitable for viewing changes in reflow ovens and determining how those changes affect the profile of production boards.
Companies that have relied on fixtures to periodically check on their reflow ovens have been in a Catch 22 situation for years. On one hand, they did not have the luxury of sacrificing real production boards for multiple profiling needs and, on the other hand, heavy fixtures did not represent the profile on their actual PCBs as requested by their clients. Now, these electronic assemblers can get the best of both worlds with KIC’s new MVP fixture with integrated virtual profiling technologies.
The KIC MVP uses embedded sensor technologies that accurately measure the profile of an individual PCB without the need to use the actual PCB beyond the initial program run. With the MVP, there is no second guessing how the changes observed in the oven environment will affect the profile on the production board. Changes are instantly displayed on a profile graph, along with a single number that tells the operator whether the profile is in spec. Best of all, when the MVP detects an out-of-spec situation, the software will inform the technician how to adjust the oven in order to achieve an in-spec process and quickly resume production. The MVP works with KIC’s award winning SlimKIC and KIC Explorer lines of profilers.
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