Multi-fibre cable assemblies

Paul Boughton
Molex Incorporated announces the availability of PRIZM LightTurn cable assemblies that mate to Avago Technologies’ new MicroPOD 120 Gbps board mounted parallel optic modules.

The PRIZM LightTurn’s vertical mating capability improves airflow and cable management as well as increases real-estate opportunities on dense printed circuit boards (PCB).

Molex provides the multi-fibre cable assembly termination expertise and assembly capabilities for this next-generation solution.

“By combining Molex’s PRIZM LightTurn cable assemblies with Molex’s high-density front panel and blindmate backplane interconnects we are able to offer our customers the most diverse end-to-end solutions,” said Tom Schiltz, product manager, Multi Fibre Products, Molex Incorporated. “The unique vertical mating of the PRIZM LightTurn connector to Avago’s MicroPOD module is an improvement over current parallel optical modules used in the telecom, datacom and emerging high-speed computercom markets.”

The vertical mating allows for the tight spacing of modules and improved cable management because the parallel optical modules can be aligned in rows. The multi-fibre ribbon cable assemblies are mated on top of the modules, providing improved airflow on the PCB.  Multiple 12 fibre PRIZM LightTurn connectors can be consolidated to a single I/O connector on the front or back panel by using either 12-, 24-, 48-, and 72-fibre MT ferrules in Molex’s high-density interconnects including HBMT, Array and Circular MT connectors.

PRIZM LightTurn cable assemblies manufactured by Molex have been validated by US Conec to meet the functional requirements of the Avago module. For more information, please visit:

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