Monitor and store data from 40 temperature probes

Paul Boughton
New from the HW Group is the Poseidon 2250 that monitors the values of external probes and dry contact inputs, and stores the values in its internal memory. Up to 40 probes can be connected and the maximum distance to each probe is 1000m. The Poseidon 2250 supports low-cost probes for use in the information technology environment, as well as precise platinum temperature probes (Pt100 and Pt1000 types) and industrial probes (4–20mA and 0–10V types) connected via an RS-485 serial link.
Values captured from all probes are periodically stored into the internal flash memory, and can subsequently be emailed, imported into a database or processed in Microsoft Excel thanks to native MS Excel export using the HWg-PDMS utility.
Typical applications include measuring and logging temperatures in a pharmacy, with the Poseidon 2250 measuring the temperature in multiple refrigerators, and monitoring their doors. Values are stored in the internal memory and periodically emailed to a central server for processing.
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