3D scanners deliver metrology for larger free-form objects

Paul Boughton
Phase Vision's new Quartz scanners deliver fast, accurate dimensional metrology for larger free-form objects - with breakthrough usability and ruggedness.

Originally developed for the most demanding conditions in the aerospace sector, Phase Vision pioneered the development of white-light 3D scanners for the shop floor, aircraft hangar, or dockyard.  The Quartz range is being launched after months of testing in these tough environments.

For too long the metrology industry has neglected the needs of larger free-form objects.

Aeroplanes, cars, and energy turbines are all large – yet freeform metrology suppliers concentrated on small scanners. Not any more. Quartz scanners have vast light output and sophisticated algorithms to power larger measurement volumes, bringing breakthroughs in performance and accuracy.

White light scanners have been typified by fragility – with short, expensive cables carrying high-rate video signals, and exposed optics. Quartz represents a breakthrough in integration, shielding optics and electronics in a robust CFRP housing. Requiring only power and an Ethernet connection they are portable, simple to set up and present less of a trip hazard. 
Quartz was developed to cope with the realities of measuring and inspecting cars, planes, trains, wind turbines in crowded production areas.

For more information, visit www.phasevision.com

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