Are you confident in your pressure relief systems?

Paul Boughton

Pressure relief systems can have a significant financial and safety impact on process industry operations. Good pressure relief system design, operation and maintenance are key to:
* Safety and environmental performance.
* Reduced lifetime costs.
* Improved asset reliability.
* Process Safety Management performance reporting.
Pressure relief is fundamental to the continued safe operation of any process and forms part of the basis of safe operation for company safety reports required under the Seveso II Directive. Over time processes change and systems are modified but it is important that companies remain confident that their installed pressure protective systems continue to offer mitigation against the consequences of both over pressure and vacuum. Failure to recognise the implication of pressure relief can and has caused fatal accidents throughout industry.
ABB Engineering Services has organised a key conference on pressure relief, on 30th June in ManchesterUK., to promote best practice in this vital area. Eight industry speakers will share their experiences and best practices in managing pressure relief systems across the lifecycle.

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