Communication with your chemicals

Paul Boughton

Some years ago ProMinent UK supplied its ProfiBus enabled dosing pumps to Earth Tech (Tyco International Ltd.) for the refurbishment of Clay Lake Water Treatment Works in Northern Ireland. Since then its Profibus equipment has been used in a vast array of chemical handling processes within the food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries as well as potable and wastewater treatment (WTW).

The ProfiBus communications link allows for highly accurate chemical control and detailed chemical dosing information to be processed by the water treatment works control station. They can also be accessed by local or remote PLCs or computers should they require it. This gives the WTW operators information on chemical usage in litres, current dosing rates in l/hr, dosing stroke length and rate and any errors or inputs from external sources. The operator can adjust all dosing control parameters from their interface.

Profibus enable dosing systems give the user control of their chemical dosing and therefore their chemical usage and when used with the extensive array of Profibus enabled equipment such as tank level sensors, flow meters, solenoid and motorised valves and measurement and control technology total control of the process chemistry can be achieved.

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