Card reader modules

Paul Boughton
Providing an operator with information and receiving operator feedback is central to many industrial processes, and a very wide range of products exist to satisfy this need in the marketplace. However, what do you do when your requirements become somewhat less mainstream?

Suppose you need a very durable product that can resist chemical attack from common solvents, is robust enough to take the odd knock and environmentally proofed to IP65 to survive outdoors, then your options become more limited. If your application demands hazardous area approvals due to the possible presence of flammable gases and vapours or flammable dust hazards, then your choices are significantly more limited.

Another important aspect in these remote installations is to know who the operator is and perform a validation before data entry is accepted and to satisfy these requirements Mercury IMC Ltd can provide an integral security card reader.

A variety of different card reader modules are available that can read a Wiegand Swipe card or a range of RFID proximity cards including MIFARE, HID proximity cards and the EM marin card standards.

Mercury IMC also provide identical card readers for the standalone Sentry Card Reader, which is frequently used with the site access security system to control personnel and road tanker admission to a depot.

Mercury IMC was founded in November 2003 to be a specialist supplier of Data Entry & Processing equipment for use in hazardous and environmentally challenging locations.

Mercury IMC purchased the full rights and intellectual property from Emerson Process Management (Daniel Europe Division) for the Hazardous Area products, originally developed by Spectra-Tek UK Ltd. Mercury IMC now manufactures, markets and supports these products. It also provides a full repair and overhaul capability from the headquarters in Malton, North Yorkshire.

By focusing strongly on the Hazardous Area Products, Mercury IMC will be able to offer an enhanced service and take the products forward into the 21st century.

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Mercury IMC Limited is based in Malton, North Yorkshire, UK.

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