Strain gauge amplifier is Atex-approved for hazardous zones

Paul Boughton

Pre-release evaluation units are now available for a high-performance Atex amplifier for use in Hazardous Zones 0, 1 and 2. The ALA5 Atex-approved strain gauge/load cell amplifier is intrinsically safe to EN 60079-11 and provides a two-wire, 4-20mA current loop output.

Mantracourt says that this high-performance amplifier can also be used with pressure and torque transducers. It can be connected to Atex-approved equipment within the hazardous zone or to non-approved equipment outside the hazardous zone, provided that a suitable barrier is used.

Designed for fitting in-line to strain gauge-based sensors, the amplifier is housed within a stainless steel, IP67, NEMA 4, EMC-protected enclosure and is supplied with 1m strain gauge cable and 5m output cable.

An OEM option is available for customers wishing to embed the Atex amplifier within the sensor.

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