Low-profile, universal load cells offer high stability

Paul Boughton

LCM Systems is launching the PTC-1 range of low-profile, universal load cells. Suitable for many testing applications including structural and airframe testing, Jack Load monitoring, and material and fatigue test machine feedback, this new series is designed for use where high stability and low height are required.
PTC-1 load cells are available with a rated load from 5-1000kN and offer high natural frequency, low deflection and excellent resistance to side and torsion forces thanks to the shear web internal construction. The stainless steel construction ensures corrosion protection both for the load cells themselves and the optional mounting base, which is necessary if the load cells are to be used in tension.
Suitable for use in a wide range of harsh and rugged environments, the PTC-1 load cells are supplied with both an integral Mil-Spec connector and a mating connector. The cells are also sealed to IP66.
Each cell can be supplied calibrated and the in-house technical department at LCM Systems can advise and provide a comprehensive range of load cell instrumentation for 'ready to go' systems.
For more information, visit www.lcmsystems.com

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