Analytical turbopump evacuates two chambers simultaneously

Paul Boughton
Pfeiffer Vacuum's new Splitflow 50 is a small yet powerful turbopump that is designed for use in analytical applications. This pump is designed with multiple inlets, which means that a single Splitflow can simultaneously evacuate two sequential chambers in a system. This technology enables a single vacuum system to replace multiple turbopumps. Depending upon the gas load in question, a small, cost-effective dry diaphragm pump can be used as the backing pump. This makes for a significant reduction in first and operating costs. A further advantage is the vacuum system's small footprint.
The Splitflow offers pumping speeds of up to 53 l/s. Its special design ensures maximum gas throughput and high compression between the inlets.
In addition to being suitable for analytical equipment, the Splitflow pumps are also being used successfully in leak detectors, whose analytical principle is based on mass spectrometry. Moreover, the rugged design, incorporating proven bearing technology, is useful on API (atmospheric pressure ionisation) mass spectrometers.
Custom adaptations of the pump housing to match the vacuum chamber in question are also possible. The modular pump concept affords individual configurations as well as simple integration into existing systems.
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