Industrial monitors for extreme environments

Paul Boughton
Pepperl+Fuchs' VisuNet DM is specifically designed monitors to deliver reliable operation and long life in harsh application environments.

Fully configurable to suit specific application requirements they are true industrialised monitors, delivering the highest MTBF in the industry at over 550,000 hours. Vusunet DM monitors carry both the UL and CE mark, and are available for general purpose or Class I/Div 2 environments. Touch screen and transflective options are available.

VisuNet DM monitors are available in 10-in, 12-in, 15-in, 18-in and 19-in sizes, and are rated for use in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 60°C. They accept standard VGA or NTSC (or PAL) inputs from a PC or video camera source. Additionally, they can multi-sync to any standard video mode from 640x480 to 1280 x 1024 at scan rates from 60 to 75Hz, without image distortion or flicker. The VisuNet DM monitors are 12VDC powered, from an external power supply to keep heat away from the monitor, maximizing reliability and operating life.

Pepperl+Fuchs´ family of rugged flat panel monitors are made with only industrial grade components. No consumer grade electronics are implemented in the product to cut costs. This differs with other monitor manufacturers that package steel around a commercial grade LCD, and sell it as an industrial device.

Additional ruggedising attributes make Visunet DM range a true industrial flat panel display solution: heavier gauge metal and wiring, corrosion protection, internal bulkhead wiring, gold plating, latching/tie downs, shock absorbing gaskets, brighter back lamps (up to 600 nits) and wider viewing angles, etc.

Pepperl+Fuchs industrial grade monitors are available with an optional resistive touch screen. This is a UL Listed, 5-wire resistive touch screen suitable for general purpose, and Ex-hazardous Class I/Div 2 environments. A resistive touch screen provides mouse emulation by applying a small amount of pressure on the desired location of the monitor screen. This allows the operator to use a finger, glove, stylus, etc. to initiate the touch screen functionality. For more harsh environments, there is also a hardened resistive touch screen available. A self-calibration tool is provided for precise adjustments. For PC interface, our touch screens have both a USB and Serial output to be connected to the host PC.

An additional option is a hardened resistive touch screen, where a thin glass layer is bonded to the front user surface providing superior protection against long term surface wear and incidental scuffs. This glass layer also protects against the effects of corrosive chemicals and provides shatter protection from frontal impacts. The hardened resistive touch screen is interchangeable with the standard touch screen, and can be upgraded upon request.

A variety of accessories are available to complement these industrial flat panel monitors, including: 12VDC power supplies, 12V DC power supplies for Class I/Div 2 applications, 5-pin DIN connectors cables for power, analog video cables (VGA), USB cables for touch screen interface, serial cables for touch screen interface, touch screen protector overlays.

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