Directional ionising nozzles provide localised static control

Paul Boughton

Static Solutions' Go Stat 4000 series of DC ionising air nozzles provide directional static control and particle dispersion, as well as enabling ionisation in difficult-to-access locations. In the electronics industry, particularly in chip production and PCB cleaning, static problems can be confined to small, local areas. Static Solutions says the ionising nozzles can 'precisely direct an ionised air stream with pinpoint control.'

The nozzles can be used singly or in an array powered by a single supply or operated independently when connected to a multi-device module. Simple installation combined with a robust construction means that they are suitable for a broad range of applications including assembly line processes and trim removal.

As with all the DC antistatic products in the Go Stat range, the ions are emitted from tungsten pins that ensure long-life ionisation.

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