3D CAD uses 2D concepts for ease of use

Paul Boughton

PTC will be shipping Cocreate 17.0, next major release of its explicit modelling 3D CAD software package, in the second quarter of 2010. The company says that Cocreate 17.0 leverages concepts and techniques familiar in 2D to make 3D CAD easy to understand and use.

Performance benchmarks by users around the world have experienced productivity gains with Cocreate 17.0 compared with Cocreate 16.0: design productivity is up to twice as fast; time spent creating 2D profiles is reduced by up to 40 per cent; models can be modified up to twice as fast; models can be modified with the new push and pull design paradigm three times faster; and the time spent creating and modifying advanced 3D patterns can be reduced by 60 per cent.

Cocreate 17.0 introduces over 560 enhancements, including interactive, intuitive ways of working with 2D profiles and 3D models. These features include real-time explicit modelling and rendering, context-sensitive mini-toolbars, new interaction paradigms and tools to minimise the need for a traditional user interface, and intelligent 3D dimensioning drives change for complex modifications.

With this launch, PTC says Cocreate and Pro/Engineer now work together so companies using both tools, either themselves or through suppliers, can collaborate on product development.

Stefan Kolb, a design engineer, comments: "When working with Cocreate 17.0, up to 90 per cent of the time I am using the new context-sensitive mini-toolbars, and directly working on the model. That means I am much faster, with a lot less mouse clicks and mouse travel. I very rarely use the traditional main task bars and menus anymore."

Brian Shepherd, the executive vice president of product development at PTC, states: "Cocreate Modeling 17.0 increases everyday design productivity by delivering key new capabilities for faster design. Many new capabilities were developed in co-operation with global machinery and high-tech electronics customers that rely upon the industry's leading explicit 3D CAD system for 3D product design. The majority of the concepts in Cocreate 17.0 parallel those found in the 2D CAD world, making adoption easier than ever before."

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