Integrated non-contact incremental magnetic encoder

Paul Boughton
Avago Technologies is introducing a new compact integrated incremental magnetic encoder for speed detection, knob control and rotary encoder applications. Avago's competitively priced AEAT-601B encoder, which incorporates a protective plastic housing for durability and high-temperature performance, is said to be easy to install and provides a resolution of 256 cycles per revolutions (CPR), with full 360-degree operation.
The use of non-contact magnetic technology for motion control and sensing means that the device is wear-free. Moreover, this incremental magnetic encoder has a three-channel output that enables an index channel for every complete 360-degree full rotation.
AEAT-601B encoders provide designers with a closed-loop feedback system for more precise readings in position control applications, which results in better motor position control. In addition, this encoder will help designers reduce manufacturing costs while providing superior performance. Avago's AEAT-601B encoder is suitable for use in systems such as motor and valve control systems, pan and tilt systems for security cameras, and thread winding machines.
Operating temperature range is from -40 to 125˚C and the device is RoHS-compliant. Samples and production quantities are available now through Avago's direct sales channel and worldwide distribution partners.
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