Palletising gripper handles all functions in one unit

Paul Boughton
Schunk is launching the type LEG standardised palletising gripping system that handles pallets, intermediate layers and other products. The core of the multi-functional gripper is the LEG servo-parallel gripper, which can be equipped with various motors so that it is possible to actuate robot and gripper through a user interface. The gripper has a high positioning accuracy and flexibly works with strokes of up to 281mm per jaw. By means of a powered control system, even sensitive products can be handled safely.
All of the handling functions for the pallet and intermediate layers are integrated within the gripper without the need for any additional drives. The system is therefore a very compact and versatile all-in-one unit that is suitable for various packing tasks. With a weight of 30kg, the gripping system can safely grip up to 25kg and form-fit even up to 50kg. Larger sizes of the system are available on request.
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