Ship safety and security improved with switch technology

Paul Boughton
Design LED Products and IGT Industries today announced a new order from AMI Marine to supply illuminated capacitive switch technology for a new marine Watch Alarm.  The alarms will be fitted to the bridge of vessels to ensure the Officer of the Watch is present as required.

The high quality illuminated capacitive switch panel on each alarm provides bright uniform lighting to ensure it is highly visible in all environmental conditions. The secret until lit graphics and scratch resistant surface give the unit a high quality appearance and set it apart from competitive products.

Watch Alarms are currently compulsory on all vessels with a Bahamian and Danish Flag. New legislation will make them mandatory on all vessels starting in 2011.  The Officer of the Watch must confirm their presence on the bridge at regular intervals by either pressing a button on the alarm panel or triggering a motion sensor. If no confirmation is received then the system triggers an alarm in the crew’s quarters.

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