Spring-loaded docking pins for insert moulding

Paul Boughton
SAS Automation is launching spring-loaded docking pins for insert moulding applications. In addition to requiring precise accuracy, insert moulding applications often involve several processes at the same time. Docking pins provide the assurance required in complex and low-tolerance applications.
Significant features for the new docking pins include: an accuracy of +/-0.001 inches; the pins are sized to fit the customer's end-of-arm tool, robot and mould; pins can dock on existing mould locators; and custom lengths, strokes and diameters available.
Robert Dalton, general manager for SAS Automation, comments: "These docking pins have enabled several SAS customers to consistently increase production of complex insert moulded parts while reducing labour. Our insert mould tools and spring-loaded docking pins have automated many operations that used to be performed manually."
For more information, visit www.sas-automation.com

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