Miniature angular grippers can be mounted on manifolds

Paul Boughton
Techno-Sommer Automatic is now offering an expanded line of MGW800 series miniature angular grippers for use in small electronic and packaging applications. These grippers are said to be excellent for assemblies and multiple pick-and-place applications, and are now available in eight different sizes beginning at 12mm x 10mm x 26mm (L x W x H).
Costas Charalambous, sales manager for Techno-Sommer Automatic, states: "The biggest advantage of the MGW800 gripper series is their small size and ability to fit into tight spaces. They are the perfect choice for picking up small electronic components or in medical manufacturing. Because of their miniature size, the MGW800 series allows manifolding through the bottom mounting surface. This eliminates side air fittings and increases the number of grippers that can be mounted closely together."
MGW800 series grippers are designed to ensure high resistance to applied forces and moments, with high-precision and play-free guides. The grippers have up to 4.55Nm of grip torque and a stroke per jaw of 37.5 degrees. Jaw position, whether opened or closed, can be sensed through the use of magnetic sensors.
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