Reinforced epoxy adhesive has high impact strength

Paul Boughton
Master Bond's EP30R is an aramid fibre-reinforced epoxy adhesive for high-performance structural bonding, featuring outstanding dimensional stability and enhanced impact resistance. This two-part epoxy is formulated to cure at room temperature or more rapidly at elevated temperatures. Master Bond EP30R produces high-strength bonds to metals, glass, ceramics, vulcanised rubbers and many plastics that resist thermal cycling and chemicals over the temperature range of -51 to more than 120 degrees C. Cure shrinkage of only 0.0003inches/inch preserves dimensional formation of the assembled parts, and severe mechanical or thermal stresses do not weaken adhesive performance. The cured epoxy is also an excellent electrical insulator.
This new adhesive is a high-viscosity, easy-to-apply compound; it spreads evenly and smoothly and only contact pressure is required for cure. 100 per cent reactive, the adhesive contains no solvents or other volatiles. Unlike many epoxy-reinforced systems, it has superb impact strength values combined with rigidity properties. Master Bond EP30R is recommended for applications where strength, dimensional stability and impact resistance must be maintained, even upon prolonged exposure to adverse environmental conditions.
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