Loop-powered ultrasonic transmitter is easy to use

Paul Boughton

Magnetrol International's new Echotel 355 two-wire, loop-powered, non-contact ultrasonic transmitter measures liquid level, volume and open channel flow with performance and ease of operation that are claimed to be unsurpassed. This new low-cost unit features a powerful 60kHz ultrasonic transducer and advanced digital signal processing to measure out to a 6m maximum range.
The Echotel 355 can be configured locally, with the menu-driven four-pushbutton LCD display, or remotely via Hart digital communications or Pactware, with the added capability of capturing echo wave forms, viewing trend data, diagnostic conditions and all transmitter configuration parameters.
Integral electronics are housed in either a cast aluminium housing or Lexan thermoplastic housing. The intelligent electronics analyse the ultrasonic echo profile, apply temperature compensation, reject echoes from false targets, and then processes the true echo from the liquid surface. This results in an extremely reliable measurement even when there are turbulence and false echoes.
Volume and open channel flow configuration are said to be very easy. Volume applications are configured by selecting the tank shape and inputting one to three tank dimensions. Open channel flow configurations are accomplished by merely selecting one of the 35 flume and weir curves stored in the transmitter, and setting multipliers for the resettable and non-resettable seven-digit flow totalisers.
For more information, visit www.magnetrol.com

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