Level sensor comes with Foundation Fieldbus communications

Paul Boughton
MTS is launching a new version of its magnetostrictive Level Plus liquid level sensors with Foundation Fieldbus communications, complementing the existing models with Modbus and the ASCII-based proprietary DDA communications.
The Model MG satisfies the demand for a digital communication interface in the liquid-level marketplace for vessels from 508mm to 22,000mm. It offers maintenance-free liquid level measurement for automatic tank gauging without any recalibration. Featuring three-in-one measurement of the product level, interface level and the average temperature of the liquid from up to 12 temperature points, it utilises a single-process opening, thereby eliminating the need for separate level and temperature transmitters. Designed for inventory control, the model MG offers a resolution of 0.025mm at maximum length and can also provide volume measurement from a 100-point strap table that the user loads into the transmitter.
MTS says the new Foundation Fieldbus protocol will make the Model MG transmitters compatible with an even wider variety of control systems, expanding the company's offerings to additional customers with pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech and food applications. Now they can combine the superior control capabilities of the protocol with the transmitters' superior repeatability and reliability for an extremely efficient process.
For more information, visit www.mtssensor.de

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