Pressure sensing, switching and display in one unit

Paul Boughton

Impress Sensors & Systems is introducing the DS range of pressure transmitters with the benefit of integrated pressure sensing, switching and display functions, thereby reducing installation and equipment costs.

The DS transmitters provide a combination of a pressure sensing with signal conditioning that provides a current or voltage output signal, one, two or four independent PNP transistor switch outputs, as well as a freely scalable and programmable LED rotating display.

Impress Sensors & Systems says the transmitter is suitable for a wide range of applications, including air, oil and hydraulic pressure applications. Pressure ranges start from 10mbar on the DS210 up to 600bar on the DS200. Several options are available within the DS range, including: optional ATEX certification; one, two or four switch points; analogue output in either 4-20mA, voltage or none; electrical connection; and various types of process connections.

There is also a three-wire, 4-20mA configuration that enables users to recalibrate the output signal. The digital LED display is also scalable and can be freely rotated through two axes to suit the installation. The brightness of the display can even be adjusted to suit the environment.

Six versions of DS transmitter are available. The DS 210 is a precision electronic pressure switch with silicon sensor that is suitable for measuring gases, compressed air and thin, non-aggressive liquids, including pneumatics and vacuum technology. Pressure range is from 10mbar up to 1000mbar.

The DS 201 is an electronic pressure switch with a chemically robust ceramic sensor, making it suitable for measurements in viscous or lightly contaminated fluids. Pressure range is from 600mbar through to 600bar. An optional PVDF pressure port is available for aggressive media, where stainless steel is inadequate. There is also an oil- and grease-free version for applications with oxygen. The DS 201 is suitable for use as a gauge or absolute pressure sensor or absolute pressure switch.

Similar to the DS 201 ceramic version, the DS 200 is a piezoresistive, stainless steel sensor that offers higher resolution and over-pressure protection. Nominal pressure range of the DS 200 is from 100mbar up to 600bar. The sensor can be used in a wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic control applications, offering long-term stability and high precision. The sensor can be used with any liquids or gases that are compatible with stainless steel and the O-ring material.

The DS 230 is an OEM digital pressure switch with ceramic sensor and digital display for hydraulic applications. Suitable for use with a wide range of gases and liquids, the lower-cost DS 230 is targeted at OEMs requiring less accuracy and no transmission of output from the device, simply a pressure switch with pressure display. Preferred areas of use are machine tools, hydraulic presses and test benches, pumps and plastic processing machines.

Finally, the DS 201 P and DS 200 P are aimed at machine builders supplying the process industries including chemicals, food processing and pharmaceuticals. Stainless steel flush diaphragms are available, as well as recognised process connections, including inch fittings, Tri-clover and dairy clamp connections.