AS-interface slave module

Paul Boughton
IFM Electronic is launching another Classicline AS-interface active slave module. This one, the AC5230, takes standard analogue (4-20mA) current input and output.
Designed to be compatible with the latest AS-i Version 3.0 and M4 Masters, the AC5230 is provided in the easily installed Classicline module style with its clever design. An ingenious mechanism means the new module clips onto the flat cable with no tools needed. The upper and lower parts are no longer mounted by four screws but by a slide. Quick yet very secure mounting is guaranteed.
To make it even more versatile, the new Classicline AC5230 module features not only analogue input and output, but has two digital inputs into the bargain.
A further innovation lets the user change the direction of the cable. Instead of left-to-right only, leaving unsightly bends in the flat cable, the carrier insert rotates ninety degrees for up/down or all the way around for right-to-left.
The fault LED on the module enables fault locations to be identified. A red flashing LED indicates a peripheral fault, which implies either a short circuit of the sensor supply or an overload of the output. A permanently lit red LED, however, indicates a communication fault. In addition to these LED indications, the digital modules feature LEDs displaying the logic state of the input and outputs.
With a protection rating of IP67 these modules are easy to fit anywhere on the network and can be allocated an address when mounted and wired via the addressing socket or prior to installation. All that is needed is the AC1144 addressing unit and E70213 addressing cable.
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