Process analysis system ensures optimal operating safety

Paul Boughton
The Stratos Pro transmitter from Knick, which measures pH, redox potential (ORP), conductivity, or oxygen concentration, comes with a completely new, colour-based operating concept, ensuring intuitive operation. Its widescreen display indicates operating modes in six different colours.

The standard measuring mode, for example, has a white backlight, while displays in the information mode are displayed in green. The diagnosis menu, maintenance requirements and the HOLD mode are also indicated by specific colors. The alarm status was assigned a deep shade of red, and invalid input and wrong pass numbers are signalised through a flashing red display. Additionally, concise, self-explanatory pictograms facilitate operation.

Stratos Pro units support standard analogue sensors as well as contacting and non-contacting digital sensors. It enables operation with virtually all standard sensors for the first time.

The extremely robust, UV-resistant IP67 plastic housing allows for operation even in very rugged environments. The Stratos Pro series includes intrinsically safe two-wire models for use in hazardous areas (zone 1/Class 1 Division 1) with the sensor installed in zone 0.

These transmitters feature an analogue current input which allows users to, for example, loop through temperature or pressure signals.

Moreover, they are equipped with a second current output for a second measured value. Knick also supplies mains-operated four-wire models suitable for use in zone 2/Class 1 Division 2. These units come with a VariPower wide range power supply unit - with mains supplies at 20-253Vac/dc and 45-65 Hz. All devices support HART communication and are certified for standard asset management systems from leading process control system suppliers.

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