Drive gets tough for wet outdoor process conditions

Paul Boughton
Drive offers fast dynamic torque response, auto-tuning and low speed operation from a compact, low cost and simple to use product.

A drive solution for wet process conditions and outdoor use, the latest Lenze-ACTech SMVector drive brings simplicity, IP65 ingress protection and complete electrical isolation to vector based motor control.

Thanks to the drive's EPM programming chip that plugs into the drives facia underneath a sealed panel, complete power isolation will not affect the drive's programming either. Software or parameter updates can be made using a hand-held EPM programmer module without power to the drive; the chip simply plugs back in ready for power to be restored, as simple as that.

The isolator switch option has been designed-in to the ingress protected SMVector drive due to simple demand, operators working in wet environments, particularly outdoor operations, without complex safety redundant automation systems required.

The need to completely electrically isolate drives as a safety precaution when maintenance was being carried out or during shutdown periods where power has to be left on for security and lighting systems. The switch has a thumb-release spring loaded locking button for complete confidence in operation. Enclosures are available in ABS or Polycarbonate, the polycarbonate versions being introduced specifically to provide additional protection from the affects of UV in outdoor applications.

The IP65 protection feature has opened up huge market sectors for an easy to use and energy efficient replacement to outdated mechanical variable speed drive systems and crude DOL applications.

The drive itself is extremely cost competitive, even against soft-start products over a large power range, but offering both speed and torque control, and vector motion control, from a 'basic' drive product that does not need the complexity and excess of redundant features offered by some competing products.

The SMVector from Lenze-ACTech has removed the cost and complexity from vector based motor control; offering fast dynamic torque response, sophisticated auto-tuning and impressive low speed operation from a compact, low cost and simple to use product.

The drives are at their best when used in small (below 22kW) motor applications where dynamic speed and torque control are required, such as conveyors. EMC filters are also built-in as standard for added convenience and to reduce the cost of peripheral equipment in commissioning.

The SMVector range has expanded the market for small drives by providing sensorless vector control that is extremely easy to commission and operate.

An easy to use facia keypad and a choice of onboard parameter sets ensure that the basic control and set-up procedure can be completed in seconds.

A higher than standard IP65 ingress protection also removes the necessity for a control cabinet in some working environments, and provides additional protection for panel mounting in higher rated control cabinets. The option of an isolation switch has just expanded the potential market for the product even further.

In common with other ac drive and simple servo products in the Lenze compact drive family; the SMVector also features a programmable EPM chip.

Essentially a memory chip mounted in its ownrugged plastic enclosure, the EPM plugs directly into the drive facia, allowing OEM manufacturers to copy across an entire operating set in a matter of seconds, and commission the drive without having to turn it on.

In a product support and maintenance situation, a replacement EPM chip can often be used to return a machine to service without calling out a support engineer, or having to commit skilled programming time to re-commission an individual drive.

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