Load cell measures up to 1000 tons

Paul Boughton
RDP Electronics says its model MPB load cell can now be provided for loads of up to 1000 tons. These very high capacity load cells have been deployed on oil rigs and for measurements on high structures and testing of very large structures.
For tension/compression applications the Model 41 is a tough load cell constructed of stainless steel and is suited to applications where consistent performance with long lifecycles is also required. Available with versions offering a measurement range from 22N to 2.2MN and best linearity of +/-0.1 per cent of full scale, the Model 41 can also be built to order in special versions with different options and ranges.
Some load cells can be built with IP68 protection for use in outdoor applications or in materials suitable for use in marine environments.
For more information, visit www.rdpe.com

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