Compact two-finger gripper achieves high gripping moments

Paul Boughton
A new PRG two-finger radial gripper from Schunk combines high gripping moments with small dimensions, thanks largely to an integrated oval pneumatic piston drive that delivers high power density.
Radial gripping motions are often achieved by integrating a slotted link gear. Existing links cause a reduction in the gripping moment if the opening angles are small. However, Schunk has found a solution to this problem in a patented single-pin guide rail, which also ensures a near-constant closing moment throughout the gripping range. The new PRG did not change in dimensions and reliably grips large workpieces or workpieces with a large tolerance range. In addition, innovative damping, which is directly integrated in the drive rod, allows shorter cycle times to be achieved and a much longer finger length to be used.
The multifunctional PRG is adjusted to the individual applications and is also available with a gripping force safety device, in a high-temperature version, and with three different opening angles (30, 60 and 90 degrees). There is also an option for the end position to be monitored via inductive or magnetic switches.
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