Assessment identifies ways to enhance designs

Paul Boughton
Eplan Software and Service is launching the Engineering Performance Factor (EPF) that determines potential ways to reduce costs in an engineering project. An individual check determines the savings potential across various disciplines in an integrated process; companies receive tips on how to proceed in a cost-free first step.
Using a questionnaire, all phases in the engineering process - such as electrical design, enclosure construction, mechanical design, production integration and data management - are examined. Each of the 12 questions has four possible answers that represent a specific development level in each discipline. Based on the overall score, the deviation from the optimal process can be determined.
Users can determine the weighting themselves. For example, if enclosure construction is of little or no interest to the company, then this question will be given a lower evaluation factor. The result or the overall score is also tailored to the company's individual requirements.
This engineering check determines the strengths/weaknesses in the integrated process and shows the status of product development with respect to state-of-the-art technologies. Users receive an individual evaluation including a short analysis and tips for a positive course of action.
If the engineering check indicates that there are weaknesses in the process, then Eplan Software and Service offers corresponding check-up days - tailored to the EPF concept. Special packages are bundled with appropriate services; for example, the design check-up. An on-site Eplan consultant analyses the design process, investigates weaknesses, outlines process objectives and collates a set of measures to be taken. This analysis contains an accurate cost/benefit estimate for efficient processes - including a calculation of return on investment.
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