Absolute and differential pressure sensor 'in one'

Paul Boughton
All Sensors Corporation is releasing the BDS (Basic Dual Sensor) series pressure sensor. This comprises two independent sensors in a single package and is capable of measuring both absolute and differential pressures. According to All Sensors, this is an 'industry first' for the pressure sensor market, allowing engineers to obtain absolute and differential pressure readings simultaneously from one device. By combining the functionality of two devices into one RoHS-compliant unit, physical space is spared on the customer's PCB and simplifying the mechanical design.
The sensors are offered in a PCB-mountable package with two pressure ports. Port volumes are balanced to improve common-mode response, and the package is designed for high common-mode pressure. It can also accommodate high burst pressures for extended dynamic range capability. Ports are compatible with Honeywell SCC or N-Package and Motorola MPX devices.
BDS sensors are available with a basic millivolt output; output offset and temperature errors are reduced by means of electrically cross-coupled sensing elements. Absolute and differential pressure outputs are provided simultaneously.
Applications for this device include industrial and medical equipment with high turndown ratio requirements.
For more information, visit www.allsensors.com