Online configurator for HMI support arms

Paul Boughton
Rittal is expanding its range of well-established configurators for the Comfort Panel and Optipanel command panels by adding another Configurator for support arm systems. With this new online tool, users can quickly configure support arms of types CP-C, CP-S, CP-L and CP-XL.
The system configurator guides users through the individual request screen menus. Depending on the system configuration of the jib length, enclosure weight, cable cross-section and design, the online-tool proposes an ideally co-ordinated support arm system for the specified requirements. The integrated, intelligent plausibility test permits a completely error-free system assembly to be configured, so that the appropriate system is proposed as a choice at the end of the configuration process.
In a very short time a system is proposed that suits the required human-machine interface application. The data defined during the configuration process also make it possible to create a parts list, making it easier for users to streamline orders and plan entire plants with pinpoint accuracy. In addition, 3D CAD models of the articles contained in the parts list can be downloaded.
Rittal says this new configurator will result in quicker, more efficient processes and a greater degree of planning confidence. The new configurator for support arm systems is available on the Rittal web portal and can be used free-of-charge.
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