Four-spiral wire hydraulic hose performs as six-wire hose

Paul Boughton
Eaton Hydraulics Group is adding a new four-spiral wire hydraulic hose to its Aeroquip range; the company claims that the new product matches the performance of six-wire hose alternatives. Benefits offered by the new hose are reduced weight, greater flexibility permitting easier installation, reduced space requirement and lower cost compared to a 6SP hose.
The new GH507-20 hose meets SAE100R15 requirements and is suitable for construction machinery, cranes, farm machines and static plant. It has a maximum working pressure of 420bar (6000psi) for up to 500,000 impulse cycles, which is a performance level previously the domain of 6SP hoses. It can be supplied in a range of different lengths with any of the current ISC (internal skive crimp) fittings. A new compatible socket (1WC20) is also available.
Kristin Fiolka, product manager EMEA for Eaton Hydraulics Group, states: "The new four-wire GH507-20 hose gives engineers increased flexibility in design options. It is yet another example of Eaton's in-house ability to design and match product to customers and markets by satisfy performance demands."
Eaton's Aeroquip hose range covers working pressures up to 420bar and temperatures from
-55 to 150 degrees C, and features high resistance to abrasion and aggressive media, high levels of flex impulse cycles (2million) and is suitable for use with 'reusable' or TTC fittings.
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