Industrial PCs offered with Intel Atom processors

21st February 2013

Integration of the new Intel Atom processors in B&R's industrial PC product range offers a combination of low power loss and high performance at an economical price. The Intel Atom processors, which are based on an entirely new microarchitecture that is optimised for small size and low power consumption, supports the current trend towards compact and economical devices. Within the ranges of cabinet PCs and the panel PCs from B&R, there exists a wide spectrum of well-established products available for the Atom platform.
The Automation PC 620 and Panel PC 700, which have been proven in numerous applications, are now offered with the Intel Atom processor. Here, the housing construction of the APC620 and PPC700, which is optimised for fan-free operation, shows its full strength because the components that have to be cooled the most, such as processor and chipset, are mounted directly on the large heat sink. The Intel Atom N270 processor with 1.6GHz clock offers a significantly higher performance than the Pentium M 1.1GHz processor. However, the power consumption of the Atom processor is less than that of a Celeron M 600 processor. Users benefit from the low current requirements and extended temperature range in fan-free operation compared to Pentium M processors with the same performance. The new Atom generation can be equipped with up to 2GB of SDRAM, which results in twice as much memory.
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