Ansys teams with Spaceclaim

Paul Boughton
Ansys and Spaceclaim have announced a licensing and distribution agreement to offer Spaceclaim 3D Direct Modeling as an option within the Ansys Simulation Driven Product Development process. This new Ansys offering will enable product development and design engineers who are not CAD experts to create and modify 3D geometry models. As a result, engineers can import models from any major CAD system, prepare them with direct modelling and move to simulation earlier in the product development process, where it can have the biggest impact on design and cost.
Now available to Ansys engineering customers worldwide, Ansys Spaceclaim Direct Modeler interoperates fully with Ansys 12.0 and 11.0 software as well as Ansys Workbench 2.0. It is based on Spaceclaim Engineer, a CAD-neutral 3D direct modeller for importing, repairing and preparing models for intense engineering analysis. Because direct modelling is highly flexible, it empowers a broader cross-section of product development engineers to perform 3D modelling. Users may import CAD models without any 'baggage' such as existing parametric or history-based settings. Complex models, for example, can have thousands of parameters, any of which may come into conflict with others when the user attempts to modify the geometry. In contrast, direct modelling imports a clean instance of the 3D model from the native CAD system, leaving behind all history-based parameters.
Jim Cashman, president and CEO of Ansys, comments: "Together, Spaceclaim and Ansys provide an optimal environment for streamlined engineering simulation and can help our customers launch products with a higher probability of market success. Our software is intentionally open and flexible, designed so it can interoperate with the broader engineering simulation ecosystem to extend efficiency and functionality. Part of Simulation Driven Product Development is reducing the hand-offs between different functional groups within an organisation - because each hand-off is a potential bottleneck. Through this partnership, we empower engineering analysts to create and modify 3D geometry models early in the product development process, then virtually and quickly test their operational performance. The ultimate benefit is beating the competition to market."
Chris Randles, president and CEO of Spaceclaim, adds: "Global manufacturers must ensure that their engineering teams have the freedom and flexibility to capture ideas quickly, edit solid models easily, and prepare designs for analysis, prototyping and manufacturing with tools created to drive innovation cost effectively. The evolution of Spaceclaim's 3D Direct Modeling solutions is helping to drive this new era of innovation and, combined with the most comprehensive simulation software from Ansys, we provide the ideal platform to help organizations significantly improve the concept-to-manufacturing process, while lowering development and manufacturing costs. We welcome this very compelling opportunity to extend our relationship with Ansys."
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