Power supply for high-performance X-ray applications

Paul Boughton
HiTek Power has extended its XRG70 range by introducing the XRG70-703, a compact high-voltage power supply that has been specifically developed for high-performance analytical and measurement X-ray applications. Output voltage is 0 to 70kV at 0 to 1mA and maximum output power is 70W. The unit also incorporates a 5.5VDC, 3.5A grounded filament power supply.

The combination of surface-mount technology, high-voltage stress control and innovative packaging techniques ensures a compact, but highly reliable product. The XRG70-703 measures 127mm wide, 73mm high, 233mm deep and weighs only 3.2kg.

The new supply is a member of HiTek Power’s grounded-filament range of products designed for use in grounded-cathode applications. The filament supply is automatically controlled by the integral beam-current loop control and the power stage uses a current-fed resonant push-pull converter to give high efficiency while ensuring reliable operation.

High levels of remote control and monitoring meet the needs of modern X-ray systems to be controlled more finely and the growing need to protect ever-more-expensive tubes. A 15-way D-type connector provides remote monitoring and control of output voltage and current. Front-panel potentiometers provide local control of these parameters and maximum and standby filament currents.

A range of standard options enables HiTek Power to offer a wide range of custom versions to meet specific requirements.

For more information, www.hitekpower.com