Single-axis robot actuators configured to order

Paul Boughton
Misumi is expanding its line of single-axis actuators with the all-new single-axis robot RS series actuators. These units can be utilised in a wide range of automated machine applications requiring precise motion control. For example, they can perform part assembly, pick-and-place, stacking, inserting, inspection, alignment and testing, and other functions.
The single-axis RS series actuators are CE compliant and available in six small sizes (RS) and six large sizes (RSH), as well as in clean room Class 10 versions. The small types are driven by stepper motors, while the large types use AC servo motors.
According to Misumi, the new RS series offers a superior structure to extend product life, even in harsh environments (the rated life is 10,000km or more), with configurable stroke lengths from 50-1050mm. The clean room Class 10 versions (RS C and RSH C) feature a sealed design and high-durability stainless steel cover.
Misumi offers an array of accessory options for the single-axis robot RS series actuators, including power and signal cables, I/O cabling, control terminals, a noise filter, support software and a dedicated USB cable (to connect the controller to a PC), as well as replacement data backup batteries for the RSH controllers. Functions such as a cycle time simulator and monitoring module are included in the support software.
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