Lab reactor for chemical synthesis or process development

Paul Boughton
The Reactor-Ready is a multi-volume jacketed reaction station for labs involved in chemical synthesis or process development. Simple to use, quick to set-up and incorporating a range of innovative features, Reactor-Ready is designed to boost the productivity of your chemistry.

Reactor-Ready’s quick-release clamp and quick connect hose couplings allow vessels to be exchanged in minutes with ease and without the use for tools. Reactor-Ready’s I-beam support clamp fits all major brands of overhead stirrer and ensures that the stirrer drive is always in the correct alignment. It allows the drive to be easily lowered and raised without needing to reposition the clamp. A drop-in stirrer coupling allows the stirrer drive to engage with the stirrer guide below and provides powerful stirring up to 800rpm. The precision engineered PTFE stirrer guide provides excellent stirring and sealing performance with whip-free agitation.

The system features wide bore, insulated hoses and vessel connections which offer maximum flow rate and heating/cooling performance. Integral hose manifolds, attached to the support frame also allow rapid and clean thermofluid drain down during vessel exchange

The system accommodates single and vacuum jacketed borosilicate glass vessels from 250ml to 5 litres. All Reactor-Ready vessel kits feature Radleys’ popular V4 PTFE drain stopcock for operation across the temperature range of -60°C to +190°C, a DN100 polished flat flange with o-ring seal, five neck glass lid and Pt100 PTFE temperature probe.

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