Data management software gains additional features

Paul Boughton
National Instruments is releasing NI Diadem 11.1, a new version of the interactive software for managing, analysing, visualising and reporting test data that includes new features and filtering capabilities for advanced development and automated analysis. Diadem is designed to help engineers make informed decisions and meet the demands of today's testing environments, which require quick access to large volumes of scattered data, consistent reporting and data visualisation. With Diadem, engineers can easily manage, mine, analyse and report on data collected during data acquisition or generated during simulations and provide consistent reporting and data visualisation for applications in industries such as research, automotive, aerospace, environmental monitoring and structural test.

For advanced data analysis, Diadem 11.1 adds the new Calculation Manager and filtering capabilities, which are useful for large group development and automated analysis. For applications with a high channel-count, such as in the automotive and aerospace industries, engineers can now filter within the data portal in Diadem to find and access more easily the different channels in memory. With the new Calculation Manager, engineers can create custom algorithms and share them within their departments and groups to increase productivity and reduce errors.

For advanced data management, engineers can use Diadem to mine, inspect and analyse measurement data to correlate tests and uncover results in the data. Diadem 11.1 features a new tool for converting Can log files into the technical data management (TDM) data format for compatibility across applications. Also, engineers can now customise the interface for Diadem to match their applications and take advantage of new 3D contouring to better display data.

In addition, NI Datafinder Server Edition 2.1, a valuable tool that extends test data management to large groups or departments and helps reduce errors and increase productivity across teams, introduces new performance enhancements. In the new version of NI Datafinder Server Edition, engineers can index and query their test data up to 20 times faster than in previous versions.

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