Calibration offshore improved with decade boxes

Paul Boughton
Improved calibration of instruments used in the offshore industry is provided  with the compact, tough and easy-to-use RBB decade resistance boxes now available from Cropico, the specialist supplier of precision measurement equipment.

The RBB series features a re-engineered lightweight case designed for high impact resistance and protection, and offers 0.05 per cent calibration accuracy over a wide range of 0.001Ù to 11MÙ.

Five and six decade versions are available, which use Cropico maintenance free switches with gold plated contacts to ensure a low contact resistance and negligible thermal emf. The boxes give long-term stability of ±3ppm per year and similarly have a low temperature co-efficient of ±3ppm/°C to 85°C.

Units come in special models ideal for temperature and insulation resistance simulation.

Some models employ the Waidner Wolf technique to eliminate switch contact resistance errors and, with resolution as low as 0.0001Ù (0.0025°C), these are particularly suited to PT100 simulation. Another option is in-house test figures.

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