Power entry modules handle higher currents

Paul Boughton
Tyco Electronics is introducing a 10A version of its Corcom GG series general-purpose and HG series medical filtered power-entry modules. A 127mm (5-inch) wire lead option is also available for the HG medical modules to aid module installation. Previously, the products were offered in ratings of 1, 3 and 6A.

GG series power entry modules combine the functions of a general-purpose RFI filter with an IEC power cord connector and single or dual metric fuse holder. The HG series is the medical version of the GG series, with reduced line-to-ground capacitance to meet UL 2601 patient care requirements. Both series are compact; in fact they are Tyco Electronics' smallest filtered power-entry modules with metric fuse holders.

The GG and HG series of power-entry modules are available with current ratings up to 10A at 250V AC, 50/60 Hz. With the addition of the lead wire option to the HG series, both the GG and HG series are available with either industry-standard 6.35mm (0.250inch) tab terminals or 127mm (5-inch) lead wires for load-side terminations.

These modules are UL recognised, CSA certified and VDE approved. Both GG and HG series power-entry modules are suitable for use in communications, computer and consumer electronics, industrial, commercial, instrumentation and medical equipment.

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