Ethernet switches benefit from PTP v2 synchronisation

Paul Boughton
Hirschmann is extending its product programme by adding a new media module to its Mice family of switches. With PTP v2 synchronisation, accuracies in the nanosecond range can be achieved, which enables higher accuracy to be achieved across an entire data network. PTP v2 adds a transparency clock to the existing mechanisms, boundary clock and ordinary clock used in PTP v1. The new media module is intended primarily for large net expansions and minimises synchronisation errors.

The PTP modules, which can be used in operating temperatures ranging from 0 to +60 degrees C, are hot-swappable plug-and-play devices. The current status of the network connections is indicated using LEDs on the front panel.

For older devices of the MS20/30-Series, a free software update can be downloaded form the Hirschmann website.

Mice switches support both Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet, and also benefit from different routing, redundancy and security features. They are therefore suitable for use in industrial networks with complex applications.

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