Health monitoring systems are key to the modern plant

Paul Boughton
Monitoring is fundamental to modern plant asset management within the power generation industries. Understanding the mechanical and thermo dynamical behaviour of rotating machinery brings plant operators the following benefits:

- Safety. With monitoring systems, catastrophic failures and unplanned outages are avoided, protecting personnel and assets.

- Financial return. Monitoring systems help to maximise the overall productivity of turbomachinery. Machinery efficiency is improved and maintenance is optimised.

- Environment. Performance monitoring helps to reduce fuel consumption, as well as CO2 and NOx emissions, in order to protect environment and comply with regulations.

Vibro-Meter SA, which manufactures quality sensing, protection and monitoring systems for critical plant and equipment, and software solutions company Cogsys Ltd have joined forces to offer asset monitoring systems for critical rotating machinery in the power generation markets.

This partnership brings together Vibro-Meter's industry VM600 platform for machine condition and protection monitoring with the Cogsys Alert software for performance and emissions monitoring, gives the customer a complete solution for asset health.

The VM600 System version targets heavy-duty critical rotating machinery while the VM600 Slimline version is for use with mid-size rotating machinery.

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Vibro-Meter SA is based in Fribourg, Switzerland.;

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