Catalogue covers CC-Link components

21st February 2013

A new product catalogue detailing a vast array of CC-Link products from a host of different vendors is now available in both printed and electronic versions from the CLPA (CC-Link Partners Association). CC-Link is an open fieldbus for control and communications that allows devices from many suppliers to be directly integrated into a control system.

The catalogue will prove a useful resource for anyone building control networks around the CC-Link open fieldbus. It provides technical details and application suggestions for the various versions including CC-Link/LT (Lite), CC-Link Safety and CC-Link IE (Industrial Ethernet), as well as the standard offering.

Full information is provided for CC-Link master products, slave products and peripheral devices. The range includes PLCs, I/O, HMIs, drives, sensors, process devices, indicators, solenoid valves, and many others, including gateway products to simplify integration into wider automation systems. All products are conformance tested to ensure complete compliance with CC-Link standards, allowing users to source best-of-breed products from different vendors with complete confidence.

The number of CC-Link nodes sold per annum now exceeds 1million and sales of CC-Link products are increasing rapidly across Europe. For anyone looking for a comprehensive, all-embracing, open networking standard, CC-Link is said to 'tick all the boxes' by offering industrial Ethernet, fieldbus, safety-specific and bit-bus level options.

CLPA is an international organisation with over 1000 member companies. Their common goal is to further the development and dissemination of standardised CC-Link networks. CC-Link is claimed to be the largest fieldbus protocol in the world, being dominant throughout the Asian economies and becoming increasingly popular in Europe and America.

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