AC drives deliver improved efficiency

Paul Boughton
Carlo Gavazzi is launching a new generation of AC drives to deliver optimum speed control and improve efficiency in a wide range of industrial applications. The new Variflex2 series comprises basic and advanced versions, both of which offer a complete set of features and options normally found on larger drives.

The new Variflex2 RVEF series is suitable for basic low-power motor control applications such as pumps and fans; the drives can installed side by side to save cabinet space. The Variflex2 RVCF series is for more complex applications requiring constant torque, including conveyors. Both versions offer simple installation with the option for DIN-rail or panel mounting, and ease-of-use with comprehensive menus via software and pushbutton set-up.

Within the range there are units rated from 0.20-55.0kW for single-phase inputs of 110/230VAC and up to three-phase 230/480VAC. The compact overall dimensions of the RVEF series allow straightforward space-saving side-by-side fitting in general-purpose motor control applications from 0.20-2.2kW. Available in two frame sizes, the drives are suitable for applications such as HVAC, chillers, water treatment and management, doors and barriers, pumping and oil stations. With six frame sizes, the RVCF is for applications requiring a higher performance and power, ranging from 0.4-55kW, including conveyors for handling and sorting, construction, packaging and wrapping, bottling, lifts and elevators, and plastic and rubber production.

Set-up of the Variflex2 models can be further simplified with the use of Drivesoft, an intuitive PC software tool that enables users to commission and store parameter settings that are also accessible via a keypad. RS232 or RS485 Modbus RTU/ASCII serial communications are available through an option card. To take advantage of the built-in PLC function users can easily download Ladder Diagram from a PC via the windows based downloadable software.

The Variflex2 series operates over the full -10 to + 50 degrees C temperature range and is approved according to the related European and North American safety standards and conforms to EMI radio standard and EMS immunity standard EN 61800-3.

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