UPS protection for oil and gas platform off the South African coast

21st February 2013

British company Carter Sullivan was commissioned by Computer Power Protection to ensure its clients on-board gas detection sensors and safety systems remain operational during power outages. The company designed and manufactured a bespoke IP54 rated enclosure complete with in-built temperature controlled cooling systems.
Unlike traditional diesel back-up generators which often have a 60 second delay from start-up to delivery, UPS provide 100 per cent ‘instant’ continuity of supply and as a consequence provide a secure and reliable solution. 
“The sensors and safety monitoring equipment on board the rig need to be operational 24/7. The potential consequences of gas ignition is so great that the equipment needs to remain operational at all times – every lost second increases the risk and endangers lives”, says Philip Wain, Managing Director of Computer Power Protection. “The new UPS system gives us complete confidence; we know that whatever nature throws at it, our systems will be secure and both the rig and the personnel on board will be safe”.
The system is designed to operate in ambient temperatures in excess of 30°C and to withstand the rigours of the Atlantic Ocean. The bespoke enclosure delivers a constantly controlled internal temperature of 20°C which allows optimum performance from the Riello 20kVA UPS.
The self contained steel cabinet measuring 1200 x 1200 x 2000mm features removable side panels, an inspection hatch and front access double doors for ease of maintenance and installation. There is an integrated Maintenance Bypass Switch allows the UPS to be decommissioned for routine servicing and maintenance without disrupting the supporting load.
Carter Sullivan also supplied a Source Changeover Switch which allows ease of transfer between shore and rig supplies. When the Platform returns to shore, the panel monitors the available power source and automatically switches the platform’s generated ac supply to the on-shore ac supply. There is also an integrated manual override allowing engineers complete control.
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