Core 2 Duo panel PCs are very cost-effective

Paul Boughton
Amplicon is launching the new Senses 6100 series of panel PCs comprising industrial panel PCs with 17 or 15 inch display, touchscreen and IP65-rated front bezels. According to Amplicon, the new Senses series has the best price-to-performance ratio of any panel PC on the market today. Prices start from under £1000, providing customers with a high-quality yet affordable alternative to the expensive PLC vendor models. They are suited to applications in a variety of markets, including building automation systems, kiosks and as SCADA terminals in factory automation and process control applications.

The 15 and 17 inch LCD models are available with dual PCI expansion slots for plug-in cards that provide fieldbus connectivity, or without expansion - relying solely on the onboard dual gigabit ports for network communication.

Key features include: Core 2 Duo high-performance processors and low-power options; dual Gigabit LAN with wireless LAN option for network communications; dual PCI slots for system expansion; 3.5 and 2.5 inch hard drive support, as well as 2.5 inch solid-state drive support for applications where high resistance to shock and vibration is required.

Leon Mengot, industrial computing product manager at Amplicon, comments: "The Senses 6100 series is the most competitive range of Panel PCs we have ever produced. They are feature rich yet very cost-effective, allowing our customers to build state-of-the-art systems at very attractive prices."

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